SoundLab Malam Merdeka 2016

soundlab malam1

30 August
Privi, Jalan Nagasari, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We are proud to present our first major showcase at Privi.
In collaboration with Detour Asia, we bring you a full night of wonderful music starting off with a live showcase by Najwa Mahiaddin, CEE, Reesh 9000, FOOK,& Santoerna. The second half of the night will feature DJ sets by JonnyVicious, Obadius, RIMKA, LZZY, Niall F & Hijack.

This party is INVITE ONLY as there is limited space, please either RSVP be emailing

SoundLab 01 / 2016
15 musicians from 11 countries find themselves on a tropical jungle resort in Malaysia. They went on an inter-cultural journey, made friends, beats and harmonies for 10 days.
This project and was produced by Detour Asia and Border Movement. Inspired by The Dusun. Made possible by the nurturing support of Goethe-Institut Southeast Asia, Australia & New Zealand.
SoundLab is a workshop on analog-digital music production bringing together artists from South Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Germany.

More information about the project here.