BM Night Karachi#1/2013


28. September 2013
Artists Commune, Karachi

One of the main collaborators here at Border Movement is a little collective called ‘Forever South’ from Pakistan. Made up of some of the regions most exciting young producers, it has consistently put out well-produced, experimental, forward thinking and cutting edge releases.With breaking ground in Pakistan high on the agenda here, it has been an ongoing goal for us to reach out to these boys and make some noise. And that weekend is finally upon us.In collaboration with Border Movement and the Goethe Institut, this weekend will see Gebrüder Teichmann from Berlin perform live at the upcoming Forever South ‘Futurama’ event alongside Kryer, Dynoman (hear his Wild City mix here), Friedi and much more.Gebrüder, or ‘brothers’ Andi and Hannes Teichmann are two of Germany’s most celebrated production duos. Not only for their technical capability but also as important representatives of German electro-culture both nationally and internationally. Together they perform mixed genres that include minimal, acid, Chicago, techno, rock and house, all as one. Also the partnership behind the influential Sound Camp series which has already taken place in Sri Lanka and India, they’re purveyors of not only electronic music, but also multi-regional collaborations and scene development in nascent and untapped musical markets.This should in fact be your clue as to why they’re in Pakistan with us.As well as visiting Lahore on this trip, we’ll also be playing a second show in Karachi, but this time at the Goethe Institut, in an open-to-all accessible environment. India’s, Moniker will be representing alongside a DJ set from Andi Teichmann, showcasing sounds from across Europe, India and beyond.With more trips planned to Pakistan in 2014, as well as a Sound Lab in Dhaka later this year (info coming soon), Border Movement, since it’s launch has created a tight and established South-Asian network that is challenging pre-conceived notions of what exactly is a ‘South Asian sound’.And we can’t wait to tell you more about what we’re doing in the upcoming months.Bring on 2014.“I think BM’s presence has provided a platform within which electronic music criticism can exist unshackled by the constraints of print journalism and its focus on shifting copies. It’s helped musicians come to terms with how to look at their own music through different prisms, and its allowed electronic music in Pakistan specifically to move beyond the bedrooms of producer’sfriends.”Asfandyar Khan (Islamabad)