Please Sir, can I have some #MOAR?


Everybody and their mom may know B.L.O.T. member Gaurav Malaker for his pioneering work on the Indian techno scene, but lately, we’ve been seeing a different face of Gaurav.

It all began, as far as we know, at this summer’s Delhi installment of Grime Riot Disco, when Gaurav started bringing a deep, soulful house groove to otherwise tech inspired night. The set was truly transcendent.

Speaking with Gaurav, it seems that the experience expanded his already broadening performative palette, opening the way for nights that get a little sexier and more soulful than your usual techno party.

In this spirit, UnMute has brought Gaurav to Smoke House Deli for a new monthly, MOARdisco.

“MOARdisco is essentially deep house,” Gaurav tells us.

“And by deep house, I don’t mean this new-age deep house, but very distinctly house with these raw hi-hats. [pause] And it’s got someone singing. It’s got some kind of chord structure and melody. Because I don’t care if you don’t like it, I like it.“

Indeed, much of the motivation behind MOARdisco seems to be the creation of a venue for Gaurav to simply be Gaurav, let loose, and really connect with a diverse crowd:

“It’s just a mashup of everything and it’s just for people to have a good time. And for me to enjoy myself as a DJ and have this technology at my disposal where I can virtually take any track… and mix it with any beat on the fly. That’s what MOARdisco is.”

We missed the first installment, but not even HKV traffic could keep us away this Saturday night. There’s sure to be MOAR bass, MOAR groove, and MOAR sweat.

#MOARdisco’s second installment can be found at Smoke House Delhi on Saturday, July 27th, 2013.

written by Kerry Harwin

NEWS - 26. July 2013   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Gaurav Malaker

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