Border Movement’s Guide To South Asian Lo-Fi

a9tantiopeImage: 9T Antiope

With the advent of affordable recording equipment (and software) and the rapid growth of digital music distribution services such as SoundCloud and Bandcamp, lo-fi (low-fidelity) music has witnessed a phenomenal evolution that has significantly redefined its identity.


NEWS - 22. May 2017  

The Next Episode: Charting Sun J’s Push To The Top


Ramakrishna Puram, located in South West Delhi, was my home away from home for over 10 years. Every day, I would spend the majority of my time on the sprawling campus that housed one of Delhi’s best schools before exploring the small alleys that connected the posh residential colonies occupied by defence and government officials.


NEWS - 02. May 2017   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Sun J

Creating A Scene From Scratch: Asvajit On Jambutek & Electronic Music In Sri Lanka


You simply cannot talk about the Sri Lankan music scene without mentioning Asvajit Boyle – musician and co-founder of iconic record label Jambutek and event company Bang Bang. You’ll recognise its symbol – a sour, colourful local fruit known as ‘Jambu’ in Sinhalese. Since its formation in 2014, Jambutek has played a key role in propagating electronic music in Colombo and around, giving its artists a legitimate platform to showcase their work and its audiences a space to learn about and enjoy contemporary sounds through regular workshops, seminars and some of the best parties this side of the world.


NEWS - 21. April 2017  

Wandering Through Discomforting Soundscapes: NOMAD


6 years ago, when 24-year-old Rija Yousuf moved back from Saudi Arabia to her hometown Karachi, all she wanted to do was discover the city with fresh ears. Having never grown up in Pakistan, this was more than a homecoming. It was an opportunity to explore a city fraught with violence, with a sense of curiosity and wonder.


NEWS - 18. April 2017   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - NOMAD

Colombo: Sound And Crossing(s)


Performance art event Theertha Performance Platform (TPP) brought together various artists from different disciplines at their latest show, centred around the exploration of sound’s ability to transcend its own medium, the event was aptly titled and themed ‘Sound and Crossing(s)’.


NEWS - 10. April 2017  

In Profile: 5 Women Who Are Shaking Up The Pakistani Music Industry

butterfly5aImage credit: Butterflies are Cockroaches with Wings

Ramsha Shakeel. Raania Durrani. Rahema Khan. Natasha Noorani. Natasha Ejaz.

To the uninitiated these are but names, native to the subcontinent, female surely but otherwise unremarkable as names can go, standard appellations for your average Pakistani woman. Of course while their titles may seem average (with all due respect), their occupations most certainly aren’t.


NEWS - 27. March 2017  

Announcing The Successful Applicants Of BMR: Berlin 2017…


Border Movement Residency (BMR) is a series of curated experiences that are customised around the individual needs of musicians and aim to create meaningful and relevant creative exchanges between artists in South Asia and Germany.


NEWS - 23. March 2017   Project - Border Movement Residency

Reflections: BMR South Asia #2 With Nene Hatun

Last year we had the pleasure of hosting Berlin based Turkish producer Beste Aydin aka Nene Hatun in India as part of the Border Movement Residency (BMR) initiative. During her 2 month stay in India, Beste travelled around India interacting with the local music community. Check out the video below to get a glimpse into her experience:


NEWS - 14. March 2017  

A Journey Through Tehran: Andreas Spechtl Steps Out Of His Comfort Zone


“The taxi driver charges 50.000 to the gates of freedom. It turns out to be a four-exit roundabout.” These words, sprinkled as they are with a restless, persuasive sense of irony, made their way into a piece musician and composer Andreas Spechtl wrote in Tehran, Iran. While there he noticed something odd, which no one around seemed to pay much attention to. Taxi drivers, offering to drive people to the renowned Azadi Square, would simply shout out “Azadi!” at crowds. The word, of course, means “freedom” in Farsi. “Freedom! Freedom!” they were proclaiming.


NEWS - 10. March 2017   ARTIST - Andreas Spechtl Project - Border Movement Residency

Electronic Music Can Be The New Form Of Protest: Aniruddh Menon Talks About His Debut Album ‘Lovesongs’

aAlbum-Art-Florian-DreImage credit: Florian Dre

23-year-old Aniruddh Menon is a creative entity to say the least. His transition into music production was initiated by his experience as a drummer and fuelled by his love for sampling. He made his mark with Machli, a Bangalore band which turned heads with their ‘Obtuse + Divine’ EP. Finally, Menon has put out his debut full length solo album, ‘Lovesongs‘.


NEWS - 07. March 2017   CITY - Bangalore ARTIST - Aniruddh Menon

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