The More ‘Limited’ Artistes Are, The More Creative They Become: Ghazaleh E


“Music is my medium of expression. It’s the language I speak. And, it is the only channel of hope that can bring mankind together,” says Iranian pianist and sound artiste Ghazaleh Ebrahimi.


NEWS - 07. February 2017   ARTIST - Ghazaleh E Project - BMR Berlin #3 2016

Call For Applications: A New Fellowship For Young Curators From South Asia

khojImage credit: Khoj International Artists’ Association

Curatorial Intensive South Asia (CISA), invites applications for a new fellowship for young curators from South Asia.


NEWS - 31. January 2017  

‘We’d Never Met Before But We All Spoke The Same Language – Music’: Dinelka


“As a sound artiste, I hear everything. I am drawn to sounds. And, my artistic vision allows me to visualise these sounds. I have seen many things in Berlin. Sometimes, it felt like home; as if I had been here before. It was all too familiar. Sometimes, I couldn’t explain what I saw or heard. But I was a part of it, nonetheless. At every corner, people were doing something different with art and sound. This place will always have a big school of thought, art and philosophy. To put it succinctly, Berlin is a big modular patch with different cultures/countries making different sounds. And, each one has its own character,” said Sri Lankan-based experimental musician Dinelka Liyanage.


NEWS - 24. January 2017  

Call For Applications: Border Movement Residency Berlin 2017


Applications for Border Movement Residency (BMR) Berlin 2017 – a unique all expenses paid 2 month tailor made program for musicians from South Asia are now open.


NEWS - 18. January 2017   CITY - Berlin Project - Border Movement Residency

Call For Applications: Border Movement Residency South Asia 2017

4-BMR-Image-Credit-Anika-HendersonImage Credit: Annika Henderson

BMR is a program in partnership with Goethe-Institut, Wild City, Ableton and Musicboard Berlin offering unique tailor made residencies for South Asian and Berlin based artists. 2016 saw the launch of BMR with residencies for KʌLʌ, Dinelka and Ghazaleh E in Berlin and 2 Berlin based artists in Tehran and India.


NEWS - 16. January 2017   CITY - Berlin Project - Border Movement Residency

Music In Colour: The Story Of Magnetic Fields’ Visual Journey

mainImage credit: Polina Schapova

There are moments when Magnetic Fields feels less like a festival and more like a story — a desert mystery shyly unveiling herself to an intrepid explorer.


NEWS - 12. January 2017  

Kuala Lumpar: Club Berlin – An Exhibition On Electronic Music & Photography

klImage: Sven Marquardt (c) Ole Westermann

From 13 January – 9 February 2017 Goethe-Institut Malaysia and Detour Asia are presenting ‘Club Berlin’. Curated by Heiko Hoffmann and Alfons Hug, Club Berlin brings the impulses of Berlin techno to 2 Hang Kasturi, transforming it into a temple of electronic music and photography.


NEWS - 10. January 2017  

Border Movement Returns To Magnetic Fields Festival For The Fourth Year

aVisuals-by-the-Border-Movement-Visual-Lab-at-Magnetic-Fields-2014.-Photo-by-Meesha-Holley_1Image Credit: Meesha Holley

The fourth consecutive collaboration between Border Movement and Magnetic Fields Festival continues this weekend with the return of the Border Movement Visual Lab.


NEWS - 08. December 2016  

Reflections: BMR #3 With Ghazaleh E


Earlier this year we were proud to announce the launch of a new residency initiative: BMR. Over the course of 2016 – BMR invited 3 South Asian artists to Berlin for 2 months and is currently in the process of hosting Berlin based Turkish artist Nene Hatun as part of a bespoke residency program in India.


NEWS - 05. December 2016  

“It’s a dictatorship, and creativity is the dictator” – Ish Shehrawat On Sound Reasons Festival


Who is Ish Shehrawat?

When asked a simple question – “how did the Sound Reasons record label and festival first come about?” – he offers no straight answers.


NEWS - 24. November 2016   ARTIST - diFfuSed beats

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