Mumbai´s Fight For Their Right To EDM Part Two: Dhoble Is Done

The reign of terror is over.

News has recently emerged of Mumbai’s newly posted police commissioner Satyapal Singh supervising Dhoble, the city’s controversial assistant police commissioner, to report to the crime branch rather than him directly. Arup Patnaik, the now “transferred” commissioner had previously taken the branch under his control, whilst giving immense power to Dhoble, even as the nationwide outrage surrounding him was in full force. What this essentially meant was that Dhoble had free reign to act as he did.

“Right now, I will not like to talk about Dhoble. But I would like to inform you that all our officers and employees will work as per law.” – Satyapal Singh

Over the course of the last 6 months Mr Patnaik had given Dhoble the power to bust pubs, bars and restaurants that were flouting rules under the provision of the Bombay prohibition act or the Bombay police act. Over this time, Dhoble was solely responsible for pretty much bringing Mumbai’s nightlife to a standstill, forcing clubs such as blueFROG to cancel entire months worth of programming whilst enforcing archaic laws dating back to the 60s. (read more on the issue here)

When speaking to NDTV a senior police officer suggested that Dhoble would no longer be able to act as he did: “After a series of complaints that the SS branch was being misused, Mr Patnaik took the branch under his control, yet still giving power to Dhoble. It now however looks like Mr Dhoble will be tamed”

Good riddance, we say (fingers crossed).

Here you can find more news : Mumbai Unite and SOS: Mumbai’s Nightlife

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NEWS - 11. September 2012   CITY - Mumbai

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