Exclusive Border Movement Mixtape by Carsten Aermes a.k.a Phon.o who recently released his album titled ‘Black Boulder’ on Modeselektor’s label imprint 50 Weapons ….

The boy with the dot  in his name and the dubby background, started to play records with his buddy Apparat in the early 90s far in the darkest reaches of the ruff’n’tuff Harz mountains, in former East Germany


Rhythm & Sound – Outward – Rhythm & Sound
Phon.O – Mosquitoes – 50Weapons
Martyn & Mike Slott – All Nights – All City
Robert Hood – Rhythm of Vison (Metric System remix) – Trope
Dark Sky – Tremor – Black Acre
Endian – Birdhouse – Nonplus
Dauwd – Whats There – Picture Music
Dark Sky – Zoom – Black Acre
Phon.O – NIghtshifts – 50Weapons
A Made Up Sound – Rework – A Made Up Sound
Lazer Sword – Chsen feat. Machinedrum – Monkeytown Records
Pikcha – Disposition – IA Records
Martyn – Hear Me – 3024
Hyetal – Searchlight (Stay + Remix) – Black Acre
Moderat – Nr.22 – Bpitch Control
Phon.O – Die Maschinistin – 50Weapons
Addison Groove – Starluck – 50Weapons
Asuso – No Kya (F Remix) – Project Squared
Sepalcure – Pencil Pimp – Hot Flush


Check out the video for this bouncy,  pop-oriented 2step / future garage tune ‘ Leave A Light On ‘ from his album ‘Black Boulder’ :

NEWS - 10. July 2012   CITY - Berlin ARTIST - PHON.O

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