Live From the Console 2.0

“We need to get some live music back into Goa. There’s a lot of electronic music happening and I think it’s great, but we need to get live music back into Goa.”

Wilful as he may sound, Owen Roncon, managing director at Orangejuice Entertainment and co-founder of Bandra’s most cherished indie showcase, knows his audience. He takes to the stage at its latest edition to make an announcement. It’s been a year of great independent music; backed by generous alcohol pricing, backed by suburban pride and Live from The Console has earned its first festival.

Two whiskey shots at the minimum would render any news as stock but then the line-up rolls out – Awolnation, Julian Marley, Dub Mafia, Cults – engulfing more hearts than the alleged hangover. The 2-day festival is to take place at South Goa’s Colva Beach, a far cry from the trance/house/EDM-scorched shores of the north. The festival will also feature LFTC ‘best-ofs’ like The Colour Compound, Siddharth Basrur, Sky Rabbit, and Alisha Pais.

“I think our bands are so ready for some international exposure,” Roncon dissects. “I’m hoping we have the usual large splattering of international tourists around November and they take this whole scene back with them, put it on their Facebooks, put it on their social media and give it some exposure outside this realm.”

Four whiskey shots at the minimum and the realm he speaks of reaches conscious level: a leviathan hanger-sized hideout, alternating between one of two studio holdings in the nation-famous Mehboob Studios. Where Mehboob Productions claims Bollywood mainstays like ‘Mother India’and ‘Andaz’, Live from the Console curates black diamonds in the rough. One minute a psychadelic 60’s rock revival outfit like the Mayvns will be locking tunes and the other an electro/ambient fall-out like Snowshoe will be launching intricacies. The space remains untouched, immersive and infinite. The space however, will always be the catalyst.

“There’s really nothing more to it than this wonderful empty space we’ve got here,” admits Roncon. “We really wanted to create an experience where people would come, listen to the music, really, just focus on the music; a community of music lovers. We’re going to take it multi-city soon and the catalyst will continue to be a unique space; we don’t want to just rush things and plug into some restaurant. Likewise with the festival line-up we’ve taken our time to try to do something different that will hopefully revive Goa’s live music scene.”

Live From The Console

Colva Beach/ Goa
29./30.December 2012

Line Up:

Julian Marley
Dub Mafia
Nikhil D’souza
The Colour Compound
Siddharth Basrur
Tough On Tobacco
Peter Cat Recording Co.

and others…

written by Jash Reen


NEWS - 03. October 2012   CITY - Mumbai

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