In the studio with Pippin Pip


Newest kid on the block – Pippin Pip’s been rousing much intrigue for multiple reasons. For starters, he’s animated – and not just in a lively sense.

As a virtual music producer, he’s got an elaborate plan for an audio-visual setup to go with his live set which promises to feature sounds within a post- dubstep space.

Until then, he’s holed up in his not-so-virtual studio, and gave us a little tour:

As someone who’s been in the scene for a while now, you’re demonstrating a completely different style under this new avatar, tell us why?
The music I produce varies across too many genres and honestly, it started to confuse me a bit! I’ve always wanted an avatar so I decided to create one for a new style that I’d been experimenting with for a while. I’m working on creating an EP right now that should be out before the end of the year.

Take us through your production process – where do your sounds come from?
Logic is my DAW, and all my sounds come from the synths within logic. I have a few sample kits that I use as well. I normally start with deciding on a tempo, get the feel first and then start creating music based on that. Write some chords down, the beat and the bass, and work on a basic song structure. I normally finish writing a song in two days and leave it for a week. I make some changes after and get down to mixing which normally takes about another week depending on how many hours I put in each day and then wait a week or two and master it or give it to someone else to do so.

Software junkie vs analogue purist – where do you stand?
If I had the means to get my hands on some analogue gear I’d definitely invest in a few. Maybe some analogue synths and tube compressors but for now I’m happy being a software junkie with my plugins, MIDI controllers and my digital synthesizer.

Studio sneak peek: what’s your set up like?
Logic and Ableton Live, PreSonus Firebox soundcard, Samson ResolvA8 studio monitors, Sennheizer HD380Pro headphones, Akai MIDI Controllers, Korg Triton synthesizer and a Shure SM58 microphone

Wishlist piece of kit for 2013?
I’ve got a list of microphones that I’m interested in, a moog synthesizer and a Nord synthesizer and maybe another MIDI controller. But if I had to choose one I’d probably go for a microphone, either an AKG condenser or an Aventone.

Your go to artists for A-B-ing your tracks?
Burial, Flume, Massive Attack, James Blake, Little Dragon.

Taking this project live? Tell us your concept:
This is going to be studio project until I can work out a solid visual aspect for it. The visuals will be the forefront of the performance. Projections will be made from behind me onto a screen in front of me. In terms of DAW, it’s going to be all Ableton.

Listen to his tunes here

written by Sanaya Ardeshir

NEWS - 10. May 2013   CITY - Mumbai ARTIST - Pippin Pip

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