Fuzzculture Drops Godzilla

Delhi based electronic duo FuzzCulture may not be a familiar name on the circuit yet.
But with the recent dropping of their latest track “Godzilla!!”, it does look likely that they should soon be building up a case for themselves. Beginning on a sparse industrial influenced intro before breaking out into spaced out echoes of a punctuated voice (What I want you to know/Is I’m not here), “Godzilla!!” may not be an attention whoring track, but it is titillating enough to prod you to dig deeper and discover more about FuzzCulture.

“Both Arsh and I have been performing live on stages as part of rock bands for a while now. Sometime back we started having a realization that electronic music brings a very different kind of an energy to the audience, unlike the energy we were used to seeing at rock concerts”, said Srijan Mahajan, one half of FuzzCulture and who has been providing drumming duties for various bands including Parikrama, Half Step Down and Cyanide. Arsh is Arsh Sharma, guitarist for The Circus, one of Delhi’s leading neo alt rock bands. Although Srijan and Arsh had known each other since childhood (they were schoolmates since primary school), they never got the chance to really collaborate together and release music, with both of them busy with separate bands.

Watching Asian Dub Foundation at the NH7 Weekender Festival was a turning point for Srijan. “The kind of energy those guys brought to the stage was insane. Watching the entire audience bouncing up and down to any direction given by the band was a high of a different kind”. Later he decided to team up with Arsh, and around a year back they started working on new material under the name FuzzCulture.

Currently out with three tracks which are available on their Sound Cloud page, they have a bunch of tracks in the pipeline which should keep popping up at regular intervals over the next couple of months. “When we get down to writing material, it’s a very free flowing collaborative process where we don’t try hard to make music which fits into any particular genres of electronic music. Both of us love big sounds, and we use them in plenty to create music which feel good to us”, says Srijan describing the song writing process. It is probably this reason why all three tracks released till now display varying elements, which could also be because the band might be trying the breadth of their capacities at this early stage. While “Godzilla!!” has an ethereal quality to it, “Et tu Brutus” plays around with heavy drops, even as “I See Ghosts” begins with a wafting violin sample before being led to an industrial environment that soon starts dropping beats.

Having played three gigs till now, they intend to play more frequently in the future. On the way forward, Srijan emphasized: “Our intention is to keep FuzzCulture as a live act, and we’ve steadily been building up our live set to have enough material to play at major gigs”.

written by Asif Khan

NEWS - 03. September 2012   CITY - New Delhi

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