Frame/Frame: Rogue


Have we mentioned how much we like Frame/Frame?

In case we haven’t, let us:

We like him a lot.

Rogue, the most recent track that Frame has been kind enough to upload to SoundCloud, is a two minute sketch of drunken genre hopping that touches on Lovage style sex jam, hip-hop, jazz, post-dubstep bass, and maybe even a little techno. The opening bars of raw saw synth are eventually framed by a deceptively simple kick and stuttered hand-clap. We lose the first synth stabs just as the sexy tropicalia keys come in, and by the time a looping line that sounds like something The Clipse might have rapped over joins the fray, one can’t help but wonder if Frame/Frame has completely lost control of his own jittering and layered creation.

He hasn’t. He brings it all together with a glitch-hop synth stab over a jazz drum loop, closing the track out just when we’re starting to wonder where the hell it’s going to go.

Just one request Mr. Kaul: Why are you holding out on us? Can we please buy some of your music?

Frame/Frame will be supporting Dualist Inquiry at his March 23rd New Delhi album launch at blueFROG.

written by Kerry Harwin

NEWS - 22. March 2013   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Frame/ Frame

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