Forever South: Pakistan’s Inimitable Electronica Collective Release Free Compilation


Forever South is one of Pakistan’s leading electronic music collectives, spearheaded by Haamid Rahim a.k.a Dynoman and Bilal Nasir Khan (also a beat-maker under the ‘Rudoh’ moniker). Both are thrilling producers, one of which recently came out with one of the region’s most exciting debuts. Produced by Dynoman, it’s called ‘Naubahar’. You can read a review of it here and listen to it in full here.

While the LP slowly gains momentum and receives the attention it deserves, Forever South continues to steam ahead with new signings, releases and even events.

Earlier this week the dynamic collective released their very first compilation, in the shape of a 20 track download via Bandcamp. Featuring names both recognised and never-before-heard, it showcases the true sound of Pakistan’s growing underground. A sound that we’re captivated by, here at Wild City.

“Volume 1 is over 6 months of music, new and old, piled into a 20 track essential collection. This is the first of many volumes and features the sounds of the Pakistani beat scene courtesy of beat-makers such as Alien Panda Jury, Chi.Boss, Dreadnaught, Dynoman, EMPROR LEPHANT, Friedi, Rudoh, TMPST, Treehouse and Toll Crane. Collections Volume 1 will take you on a journey making you want to dance, move, relax, reflect, and cater to your every mood” – FXS (Forever South)

You can hear and download the LP in full below. It comes highly recommended.

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NEWS - 18. February 2013   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - Forever South

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