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New Delhi’s KHOJ is celebrating a landmark collaboration with the Tate Modern with its new exhibition ‘WORD.SOUND.POWER’. This is the Tate’s first collaboration in India and will be on display at Khoj International Artists’ Association in Khirkee Extension until Saturday 8th February.

Not to be confused with Chris McGuinness and Delhi Sultanate’s ‘Word.Sound.Power’ project (although they will be performing as part of the exhibition on Sat 1.Feb) – the exhibition explores the voice as “a tool through which we assert our presence in the world.”

The curators have focussed on presenting “the use of the voice as a means of protest, and as a metaphor for self-representation […] Each of the artists presented elaborate on the dynamic created by the use of words in speech or text, sound as voice and sound as song, power as given and power as taken away.”


The exhibition will display a powerful range of media from artists working across a variety of creative disciplines including audio documentary, video, performance, text and sound.

Artists whose works will be on view include Jordanian artist Lawrence Abu Hamdan, French-Norweigian artist Caroline Bergvall, Danish artist Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen and five Indian artists including Amar Kanwar, Anjali Monteiro and KP Jayasankar, Pallavi Paul and Mithu Sen.

As mentioned above, there will also be a video screening and live performance from the Delhi based Word Sound Power project on Saturday 1.February. Word Sound Power is a ground breaking project that has been taking shape since 2010. Adopting the form of multimedia collaborations with South Asian artists, the project explore the sounds and songs of resistance while also creating new music with revolutionary musicians.

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Helmed by electronic music producer Chris McGuinness and dancehall artist and MC Delhi Sultanate, they have taken their mobile studio around the country with every project resulting in a music album and documentary which is captured by Kush Badhwar.

You can find out more information about the exhibition and performances here.

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NEWS - 17. January 2014   CITY - New Delhi

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