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Specter, the lead single off of Dualist Inquiry’s soon to be released LP Doppelganger, leaves us cautiously optimistic for the album. Opening with a mournful prog-rock guitar, the track slowly coalesces around resonating synth drone, and its character emerges as straight-forward hip-hop drums bring us into the first drop. From there on out, we’re almost in standard glitch-hop territory, but something holds us back. That something is what excites us about the track.

The tristesse of the guitar intro never fully dissipates, and Dualist crafts a track that is defined by its restraint, and by the release that never comes. Yes, the second drop is there, but the song’s attention seems more focused on the long and thoughtful build. Throughout the track, Dualist teases us with snippets of samples that may be human in nature, or may just be cleverly programmed synthesizers. We like the track for the ways it leaves us in the dark.

What we don’t like about the track is the percussion. Dualist uses some interesting sounds in his beat, and we would have loved hear some complex drum programming along with the stripped down guitar. Instead, we have the kind of by-the-numbers beat that is all to often the result when non-heads try to step in to hip-hop production. Not only is Mr. Inquiry a massively talented producer, but he’s also a man with a keen eye for detail. We would have liked to see that eye turned on this otherwise excellent track’s rote drums.

You can catch Dualist Inquiry’s Delhi album launch at blueFROG on 23 March, with support from Frame/Frame and Moniker. And get a free download of Specter by clicking on the button above that says just that. Be warned, you’ll have to work for it a little.

The full-length album will be available for free download on 15 March.

written by Kerry Harwin

NEWS - 14. March 2013   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - Dualist Inquiry

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  1. Tej says:

    Does anyone know who did the album art on this? It’s fantastic.