D_Poet Remix: Sulk Station’s Piya II


We don’t know much about Ahmedabad producer D_Poet except that, according to his SoundCloud profile, he likes bass. Lots of bass. This affinity is evident in his remix of Piya II, one of our favorite tracks from Sulk Station’s fantastic TillYou Appear.

D_Poet reimagines the track, at times stripping away singer Tanvi Rao’s vocals, and at others layering them deep inside a wash of mellow synths and faint hints of fast and intricate percussion work. And, of course, bass. The reason the remix stands out, however, is the way it maintains the mournful quality of the original track. Piya II is a tailor made soundtrack for lamenting lost love. Even while stripping out or burying most of the track’s words, D_Poet manages to keep the song’s emotive structure intact.

We’ll be reaching out to D_Poet. If he’s got more like this up sleeve, we’re eagerly looking forward to a new producer on the subcontinent who thinks about electronic music and bass in interesting ways.

written by Kerry Harwin

NEWS - 18. March 2013   CITY - Bangalore ARTIST - Sulk Station

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