Announcing: Winners Of BMR South Asia 2017

IMG_20170610_164554551Image credit: Daniel Arthur Panjwaneey

A two way exchange, the Border Movement Residency (BMR) program creates unique opportunities for South Asian producers to engage with the music community in Berlin (BMR Berlin); while also offering Berlin based artists a platform to interact with musicians in South Asia (BMR South Asia).


NEWS - 15. June 2017   CITY - Berlin Project - Border Movement Residency

Music Is Capable Of Bringing About A Sense Of Hopefulness: Givanke Goonetilleke


“Music appeals to a beautifully primal place within human beings and enables us to have synchronised collective experiences that transcend the mundane. To me the greatest message in music is that it is the antithesis of social issues. It should unite us. And, I think this has been a very important role of music for a long time,” says Colombo-based Givanke Goonetilleke whose endeavours with constructing metaphorical sonic terrains have surpassed all conventional norms with respect to experimental music.


NEWS - 24. August 2016   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - Geve

Colombo: Pettah Interchange 2016


Pettah Interchange is back this weekend – Saturday 6 August 2016 – Colombo’s annual celebration of alternative art culture and music which has been transforming abandoned and neglected urban spaces in Colombo for 5 consecutive years now.


NEWS - 04. August 2016   CITY - Colombo

Colombo: Musicmatters Festival 12-14 August 2016


Colombo is soon to play host to Musicmatters Festival 2016, an annual showcase, now in its fifth year, of contemporary non-mainstream, experimental music, to be held from August 12-14, featuring local and international musicians. While commercial music tends to find its way to audiences through generous exposure on radio and television, more leftfield sounds have always seemed to survive through the dedicated efforts of a select few, and Musicmatters is one such endeavour.


NEWS - 14. July 2016   CITY - Colombo

Dinelka Liyanage: Music Has No Race, It Takes No Sides


“Ever since I was born, I was told about war. Sometimes, my mother feared for my safety and didn’t want me to step out. Bombs would go off at odd hours. And, people were always scared. It was a terrible war. Some lost their parents. Some lost their children. Artists never performed outdoors or indoors back then. Moreover, the government refused to approve permits for big festivals. However, there were a few musicians who continued to make music despite the war. They spoke to us through art and perhaps that’s why we are able to do what we do today. There are many who gave up owing to lack of opportunities. But I hope to continue making music till I die,” explains Dinelka Liyanage, a Colombo-based experimental musician who crafts extraordinary aural experiences through minimal and ambient sounds.


NEWS - 13. June 2016   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - Dinelka

BLUDGE: The Last Hippies Standing


The changing landscape of the Sri Lankan music scene has given its own industry a much needed shot of adrenalin. It’s gone on to influence other creative disciplines from visual arts to fashion design, filmmaking and multi-disciplinary work unlike never before, making this tiny community almost too vibrant to be kept underground for much longer.


NEWS - 22. June 2015   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - Asvajit

The Evolution of Bang Bang


The energy in the air was infectious. Off the main street, tucked away in a small lane in the beautiful city of Colombo, the club (Colombo One) was gearing up for the night’s party. Massive soundsystems and quirky art décor are elements the Bang Bang crew introduce with exquisite flavour to their events. Known for their successful all night underground parties, they’re a crew made up of artists, promoters and musicians. Bang Bang has been responsible for bringing global underground sounds to Sri Lanka for the last few years actively pushing the boundaries.


NEWS - 30. March 2015   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - Bang Bang

Rage Against The Repetition: A Recent History of Sri Lanka’s Nightlife

Luna Terrace 1 - Benoit and Sergio (Ryan and Jonathan Wijayaratne of You're My Favorite)

There was a time when the thought of suffering Sri Lanka’s dreaded nightlife was too unbearable to imagine. I had just finished university abroad and like many of my peers, reluctantly agreed to move back home to Colombo – much to my parents’ delight. I had little idea of how I’d cope with the dire entertainment on offer.


NEWS - 26. December 2014   CITY - Colombo

Colombo: Video Lab 2014


There are moments in life when you genuinely believe that the universe is working with you.

It was only a couple of months prior that I was talking to Jivraj Singh regarding ideas for live visuals – we had both stumbled upon a video of Moderats first tour where the visuals were displayed on a three screen setup and were curated by Berlin based visual crew Pfadfinderei. And there I was in the middle of July, staring at an email from Border Movement that said I had been selected for the Video Lab in Colombo by Pfadfinderei and would be spending a week under their mentorship.


NEWS - 09. September 2014   CITY - Colombo

Pettah Interchange III: Rio Cinema


By now, this story has already been told. But let’s tell it again: Over the years, many gatekeepers have turned me away. But intimidation had never really struck until I was straddling the infamous fences of the Berghain. It was early 2007, Marcel Dettmann had just put out MDR 1 (a bat-out-of-hell 12”), sparking a small heatwave across Europe with his cyclonic DJ sets. From its wanna-be-startin’-somethin’ title to Thor-like kickdrum, “Let’s Do It” perfectly encapsulated that spirit (“1 part kick drum,to 1 part earthquake”). It was music that encased raw power like a bomb, held together by a seething cord. Ready to indulge, I slowly crept up to the old powerplant door. Sven (the gatekeeper) stared me down from the darkness, burning a hole through the guts of my soul. I am not entirely sure what he saw, whether it was fear or steel-eyed resolve. I got in.


NEWS - 12. August 2014   CITY - Colombo

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