Berlin Ghetto Music : Mouse On Mars reincarnated


The German veterans preview their new EP on Boiler Room

After a 6 year hiatus, in 2012 Mouse on Mars made a comeback with a vengence on Modeselektor’s label imprint Monkeytown Records with their album Parastrophics and a mini-album titled WOW.  Last night they premiered tracks from their brand new EP ‘Spezmodia’ at the Club Transmediale edition of Boiler Room in Berlin.

Stream their juke and footwork influenced EP over at Electronic Beats Magazine which got a pretty banging review over at Pitchfork . Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner who’ve been making music together for 20 years have proven over the course of 6 studio albums an infinite ability to reinvent themselves.   Their passion for new sounds and technology is what’s kept them alive and kicking whilst many of  their peers have long disappeared down the path of extinction.

Follow them here and check out / support their open source looper & effects  app which is due any day now.

written by Schrank

NEWS - 09. January 2014   CITY - Berlin ARTIST - Mouse On Mars

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