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Word Sound Power

Word Sound Power is an artist collective in India dedicated to producing documentary films and musical collaborations with revolutionary singers.The seeds for Word Sound Power were sowed in 2009 when the musical paths of Delhi Sultanate and Chris McGuinness intersected in 2009 in New Delhi, India. Both musicians shared an interest in the world of subversive music cultures and in pushing the envelope of musical genres.

After a few sessions at Chris’ Bombay music studio, the two brainstormed on The Bant Singh Project in 2010. A format was set – a platform for voices from the other side of the social divide, music which draws on a host of stylez, and a film to document the collaborative process and give insight into the context of the musicians. Word Sound Power was born and partnering filmmakers, producers, and artists followed. The second Word Sound Power project is Blood Earth, shot in Orissa in 2011. 2012 will see Word Sound Power 3, music videos, and more collaborations between India, Jamaica, and beyond.

BeschreibungWord Sound Power is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to integrating socially relevant songs from India with cutting-edge electronic music produced by Chris McGuinness, alongside lyrics by Dancehall artist Delhi Sultanate. Word Sound Power constructively engages in musical collaborations with artists from conflicted areas societal margins, resulting in musical albums and film documentaries of wide cultural and social significance.

Music reflects the social experience of its makers – explicitly through lyrics, and implicitly through sound. Word Sound Power’s goal is to voice the experiences of disenfranchised peoples though electronic music, as a means of inclusion and empowerment. Urban audiences are exposed to cutting edge music and Indian elements, revealing the social reality from which they stem. Indigenous artists create in news ways using electronic techniques while conveying their experiences. Audiences the world over witness a new musical form which bears Indian musical dialects, socially relevant themes, and global influences.

The message of the artists is conveyed through subtitles lyrics. A cultural bridge is formed by the English lyrics of Delhi Sultanate. The music of Chris McGuinness incorporates local idioms while manipulating audio frequencies to paint a visual story through sound. The film follows the creative process of the artists while mediating their cultural environment and exposing the issues which affect them. The Projects are distributed freely via the internet, seeking to resonate with audiences of varied backgrounds.

Word Sound Power envisions an ongoing platform. By 2013 Word Sound Power anticipates completing a body of work entailing 5 projects in India.