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LABEL // Forever South

CITY // Karachi/ Pakistan

RELATED PROJECT // Orangenoise

// Toll Crane

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Toll Crane

Toll Crane is the solo project of Talha Asim Wynne, one of the more prolific musicians of Karachi’s DIY indie and electronic music scene. His work always tends to have a dense metaphorical connection to his city, be it as the member of the noise-pop/shoegaze outfit//orangenoise or with the wild, jazz-inspired eclecticism of his solo venture. It has only been a short time since Talha’s first EP Bébo — “a four-day diary” of psychedelic lushness and frenzied transcendentalism — arrived back in 2011, after which 2012’s Dances took these sounds one step further by creating a raw and multi-layered innerspace of jazz grooves and twisted percussive energy.

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