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Talal Qureshi

Talal Qureshi is a Pakistani electronica music producer/artist. Raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Talal started his musical journey in 2007. Making waves all around the world, Talal’s unique production style makes his tracks one-of-a-kind. As he says “I make beats with tiger blood” (defining his raw electronic sound)

BBC Asian Network’s legendary DJ Bobby Friction called Talal as “An extraordinary individual who is extremely creative and innovative” while labelled his music as the “The Sound of Future”.

Talal has produced a wide variety of remixes and originals. Original Includes production for Adil Omar’s debut album “Mushroom Cloud Effect”. He released his debut EP “Equator” in February 2012. The EP included tracks that highlighted Talal’s immense talent and unique approach in electronic beat-making. Paving way for Talal to be featured as a regular artist who receives a lot of airplay on BBC Asian Network, BBC Radio1, BBC Xtra.

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