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Stairs of Cirith

We’ll be honest. Our entire team consists of teenagers. The band, the fans, the friends, the managers, everyone here is a part time student and a part time musician.

We are a year old at this exact date (ICMC 08 was our first performance as a band) and our experiences yet include mostly underground concerts.

We’re interested in doing covers of songs that have influenced us that we feel a need to acknowledge or feel the need for you to hear them the way we do.

We’re interested in making songs that not only reflect our musical influences but also personal ones.

And finally, we’re interested in sharing our productions with you when we feel they have developed enough to express ourselves to you in the exact way we want it to.

Band Members:
Bhavin Pradhan: Guitar
Kritagyan Shrestha: Bass Guitar
Nikhil Sikarmi: Guitar
Prabin L. Manandhar: Drums
Yuskey K.C: Vocals
Yuvash Vaidya: Keyboard

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