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LABEL // Violent Turd

CITY // Berlin | Germany

RELATED PROJECT // Revolution No,5

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Sick Girls

When the Sick Girls started to spin their favorite tracks in clubs back in 2004 Berlin was still all about Techno. A change was overdue and the girls found themselves right in the center of it. Grime, Dubstep, Bass; The new sound from the UK underground combined with Gangsta Rap, B-more and Digi-Dancehall was ringing in their ears; Playing for the heck of it proved to be a welcome change from the Berlin Techno monopoly, providing the girls with a platform to showcase all varieties of bass heavy music.

More and more fans jumped on board along the way, until it was time to give the maximal sound a home; Sick Girls set up their own party series in 2005, called – Revolution N°5 – a sound concept with no borders and rules, that obeys one master only; the bass has to kick ass! The Sick Girls combine elements from a plethora of music styles, bringing them all together in one big cutting edge hybrid state of the art of contemporary dance music.

Playing around the world with like minded folk including Buraka Som Sistema, M.I.A., Major Lazer, Dizzee Rascal, Bonde Do Role etc. alongside presenting their Revolution N°5 clubnight back home in Berlin as well as braodcasting a monthly FM radio show; they are at the epicenter of a self moulded scene, and ready to go off; sick style!