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Sarath Pereira

A native of Sri Lanka, Sarath Pereira was raised primarily in the historic city of Lyon in the centre of France. Inspired by the music of film composers, Ennio Morricone, Giorgio Moroder, Francois de Roubaix and John Barry while growing up, it’s only logical that Sarath began his career at age 15 working at the famous Lyonnais record shop, Extra Records.

Within five years, he was rubbing shoulders with some of France’s most respected electronic musicians and with the help of artists such as Agoria, The Hacker and Oxia among others, he learnt a lot about the genre.

Following a decade of DJ gigs at festivals and clubs including Catwalk in Rotterdam, Nuits Sonores, after party of Detroit Movement Festival, Ninkasi and Space in Lyons, he moved to Montreal in 2007, where he regularly plays at some of that city’s most vibrant venues, such as Le Salon Daomé, Circus and Piknic Electronik.

One of the most unique experiences of his career to date, was to perform a nine hour concert on a former oil barge, La Plateforme, in Lyons, where the audience was comprised entirely of 500 deaf people. What most surprised Sarath was the ability of the audience to recognize and respond to classic tracks.

While committed to performing on vinyl, he’s not opposed to using new technologies to shape his sound and intensifies his sets by employing echoes, reverbs and synths to define his own universe. Always eclectic, his performances have been known to include electronica, acid jazz, dub, drum and bass, techno and even ambient.