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Ras Ceylon

Coming straight out of the West Coast (Bay Area & Southern California) representing East Bay Politix & HungryBros.BoomSound, Ras Ceylon is an emcee, educator and organizer bringing revolutionary music, a hip-hop meets reggae dynamic and explosively conscious lyrics.

Drawing on his Sri Lankan roots and Rastafarian faith, Ras Ceylon brings a unique sound intertwining militant messages with head nodding beats. With a musical career spanning the past 15 years, Ras Ceylon’s intersection of sounds of dancehall, hip-hop, Cali flavor and Oakland grime delivers an audio soundscape with the complexity and breadth that makes him a true musical anomaly. Starting at the age of 14, Ras Ceylon got his first start as the emcee of a local DJ crew spinning at local spots across Southern California. By 1999, Ceylon had released 1st Lesson EP aka The Red Tape, a cassette tape mix he slung by the hundreds at shows and on the streets.

An accomplished emcee, Ras Ceylon has released three solo projects since 2005; a full length solo release Collegraduate: Lesson 1999-2004 (June 2005) and Scientific/Non-Fiction released on Throwback Records and produced by June22 (October 2008). In March 2011, Ras Ceylon releases his latest album, Gideon.Force Vol.1, a mixtape/street album that returns Ras Ceylon to his Rasta influenced lyrics and conscious driven energy. Featuring artists such as Jamaican stars Munga Honorable & Norris Man to hip-hop legends Shabaam Sahdeeq, stic.man of Dead Prez & Tragedy Khadafi, this album is a culmination of years of collaboration at the highest level.

Ras Ceylon has worked with legends of hip-hop, dancehall and reggae such as Dead Prez, Hieroglyphics and in Jamaica with Sizzla Kalonji of Judgment Yard. With social conscious lyrics weaved throughout his music, Ras Ceylon is a man of action. He is an Oakland community activist working to empower youth on a number of issues around social justice and education. As an officer of The Ethiopian World Federation Inc. Melchizadeck Local 23 as well as being associated with Prisoners Of Conscious Committee chaired by Fred Hampton Jr., it is clear that Ras Ceylon lives the message he speaks on his music.