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Rahul Anand

Musician/Singer/Artist/Actor from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Rahul is a member of the young folk group Joler Gaan(music of water). Joler Gaan toured the UK in August appearing at London Mela, Easdale Island, the Royal Museum of Scotland and as resident troupe at the World Sufi Festival in Glasgow. Joler Gaan’s first CD, Pinjali (Cage) came out in early 2007 and is available through this website.Rahul’s work in Dhaka is for television, film and stage.

He is a leading actor/musician with Prachyanat, a dynamic theatre of social commentary in Bangladesh.Rahul was a founder partner of Deshal, a young co-operative of designers that establsihed their own factory and two boutiques selling an innovative range of new designs on the Dhaka scene.In a number of projects being developed for BanglaScot Foundation, Rahul is a leading creative contributor in the Melange Network production team.

In an order he is a visual artist, actor and musician. Rahul is a fine arts graduate from University of Dhaka in graphic design. He was associated with Edinburgh Mela as visual artist and musician since 2002-2004. Rahul is trained in puppet and mask making, playing brass instrument and flute, play writing, video art and digital filmmaking. He also conducts workshops in his adept sectors. Rahul has done eight residency programs in UK, Japan, India, Egypt and Brazil etc as visual artist, musician and actor. His major exhibitions were in National Shilpokola Academy, Dhaka and India, Sacater Foundation Brazil, Tokyo and Ibaraki Japan.

As an actor he has done 11 plays whereas in performance art he has got 10 pieces. He has four major street plays. He is the playwright of five plays among which four he has directed. He has composed music in fifteen major theatres and there are regular work on TV and films. He has achieved honorable mention, Nagorik Nattyangon and Desh Natok Media Best Award, Institute of fine arts, Dhaka University; Sacater Foundation Fellowship, Brazil, Tonushree Podok for best young theatre activist.