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LABEL // Pulse, Akaliko Records

CITY // Dhaka/ Bangladesh

RELATED PROJECT // Dhaka Electronica Scene

// Navid Kaiser

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Navid Kaiser


Navid’s full, raging sound explodes into different different styles of electronica. Some tracks are smug with his signature sound of dubstep – solid, yet uncomplex melodies riding perfectly over deep, unforgiving bass lines that are not one bit too dirty, nor one bit too smooth. Silky transitions, over a typically dark, meaty wobbles, give a fresh, smooth flow that will constantly remind you of Skrillex-meets-Gemini-esque sounds, but minus the ear bleeding high shrills and frantic, ADHD arrangements. While Navid’s metal background oozes through with his tones and overtones as he translates the magic into other forms, sometimes heavily stuttered break-beats, broken into mere quantum particles; and sometimes a modest passing of four to the floor goodness. One thing is for sure he has enough low end power to drive him far in the production business.