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LABEL // Mooshymoo

CITY // Karachi/ Pakistan

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Mole´s music consists of these sexplosive beepity-bleep-android-meets-plantlike-intelligent-infinity-loop noise/texture variables, dirty retro jingle jangle jingle jangle chaka whakka guitars, bangin’ acoustic or electronic drubudums with lots of rolls and breaks and ffatt melodic bbasss grooves and soothing synthz texturez for your soulz while someone sometimes sings words over it in a tune.

In 2008 they put out “We’re Always Home EP” as a free download and have had less than thirty gigs since.

Since members are dropping out of the sky for a bit and then floating away again repeatedly it has taken them a while but 2010 is seeing some serious live music and evolved sensibilities and attitudes, PERHAPS enough to suggest a new release in the making and a good chance to catch it live here in Level 1!




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