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CITY // Dhaka/ Bangladesh & Boston/ New York

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Mir Omar

Producer/ DJ

Mir’s aggressive sound does not hold back on power. Hard, energetic, yet melodic Mir’s mixes make the perfect catalyst to lift a night to the peak moments of intensity. Mir’s sound borrows from influence of Paul Van Dyk, Solarstone and brags the uninhibited vivacity and raw panache of high quality trance in its prime: the way it was, before uber-compressed electro clichéd and bastardized dance music. Keep an eye on Mir, with a sound so mature at a young age – his possibilities are endless; who knows he may just be the one to bring back Trance.

Currently, Mir is playing shows locally in the Boston and NYC area. Having shared the same decks with the likes of DJ Micro and Andy Moor; Mir Omar continuously seeks to experienced artists for advice. Mir has completed remixes for Zedd’s hit single “Spectrum”, as well as Kyau & Albert’s “Another Time” which has received live support from the likes of Ronski Speed.