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Taking his stage name from his homeland – Kashmir, MC Kash is an up and coming underground Hip Hop artist. Determined to express himself fully as a street poet, this 22-year old rapper is fast emerging as a lyrical storyteller with a distinct voice. Simultaneously engaging the world of Hip Hop, urban beats and indigenous Kashmiri sounds and cultural influences, Kash’s rap songs mix diverse beauty to orchestrate original sounds of unity that support his clear-hearted and exacting lyrics.

Kash took to Hip Hop to render a voice to his thoughts and feelings and to paint a picture of his streets and give a voice to his people, both of which have been misrepresented by petty politics and a biased media. True to the roots and original spirit of Hip Hop, Kash has put himself out on the musical front line as an artist seeking to tap and harness the transformative power of this genre and to unleash it’s ability to serve in the defense of Truth and Justice.

Born in 1990, Kash belongs to a generation of Kashmiris that grew up under the shadow of guns, whose childhood memories are that of a war, raged in the streets. It was a battlefield and a playground, and it also handed out education to those who were able and willing to learn. The streets said it all. Right from his first track as a 17 year-old to his single “I Protest” and to his self-produced debut album “Rebel RepubliK”, MC Kash’s underlying principle has been to stay true to his streets and to speak his mind.

Delivered with sincerity and conviction, MC Kash’s music is from the heart and soul of his experiences and radiates from his love and dreams for his people in Kashmir. A relentless bard seeking to fulfill his responsibility as a Kashmiri to reach out to more and more people, Kash strives to tell the untold tale of his land and explore the shape of an ideal and humane society. His words pay homage to the dignity and unsung heroism of everyday people – mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters. His poetry has its roots in a universal consciousness and his songs speak of human themes of hope, courage, survival, resilience and persistence and the destined triumph of Truth over falsehood. Through his rap songs, MC Kash seeks to ask questions, to insist on justice, to resist and condemn hate, greed and ignorance, and to awaken and propel reform and positive action in this world. Learning and improving all the while.