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Until We Last

Post-rock / Ambient / Electronica

Ketan Bahirat – Guitars
Ralston D’souza – Drums
Chaithanya Jade – Guitars
Paul Dharamraj – Bass

Until We Last is a post-rock band started in 2011 by Ketan Bahirat. It was originally started off as a one man bedroom project. Over a course of 2-3 months, a line-up was being formed to take the music live. In October 2011, a full line-up of the band came together to work on writing new material as well as play live. After a couple months of live shows, the line-up dissolved and Ketan and Ayush went back to the jam room to compose music. December 2012 marked the start of Until We Last as a full time band with Bhargav, taking over second guitar duties and Ralston on the drums, with session bassists. In February 2013, Bhargav left India to continue his studies abroad. The band then recruited Chai on Guitars and Anjan to complete the line-up. In the summer of 2014, Anjan left the band to pursue higher studies, the band then recruited Paul Dharamraj (Ex The Bicycle Days) to play bass. Until We Last is currently working on an EP record stated to be released in 2014.

Until We Last combines live instruments, atmospheric elements and a vast variety of different forms of music.
The band typically composes guitar based instrumental pieces that feature very melodic bass lines and heavy use of effects.
Their music is influenced by nature and the world in general.

Until We Last aims to revolutionize a post-rock movement in India and combine great music with a strong emotional performance live. The band’s sound is defined by many as something different and that it could lead to a much bigger fan base for the genre in India.