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LABEL // Forever South

CITY // Karachi/ Pakistan

RELATED PROJECT // Dynoman/ Alien Panda Jury/ Beet Kake/ Boxcewb/ Granneh/ GR/ Lu-doh/ Nadirsahab/ Rakas/ rZ &amp/ Suhaib/ Smax/ Talal Qureshi/ Toll Crane

// Karachi Detour Rampage

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Karachi Detour Rampage

Experimental/electronic music bakery (freshly baked in Karachi)
Karachi has faced a massive surge of electronic musicians over the past decade, musicians who have been banging their samplers, computer keyboards, synths, their heads, and soul to make music. KDR’s sole purpose is to make sure these tunes travel all around. We love bringing new music to people’s ears as much as we like making it.
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