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Jalebee Cartel

Jalebee Cartel has challenged the notion that dance music is a Western domain by single-handedly putting India on the international EDM map. Composed of four members, Arjun Vagale (Groove & Mixing), Ash Roy (Vocals & Percussions), Ashvin Mani Sharma (Synths & FX) and G-force Arjun (Bass Guitar), Jalebee has been taking India by storm for over five years. From individual DJ sets to live gigs, producing to composing, the multi-talented group does it all.

The live act features Jalebee’s own compositions, which are broken up, twisted and served fresh with ethnic sounds thrown in for good measure. It’s a funky, international sound that’s unlikely to be recognized as Indian. The live element creates an extra edge that is constantly evolving, a potent, energetic livewire of influences from house to techno, overlaid with live vocals, percussions, drums and tablas. Jalebee’s sound isn’t about neat packaging: it’s about fusing genres to create a raw, electric style of urban dance music.