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LABEL // Philpot-Records / Phile/ e-Perlon/ MilnorModern/ FAT/ Playhouse

CITY // Stuttgart - Germany

RELATED PROJECT // SoulPhiction/ ManmadeScience/ Missing Linkx/ League of Ordinary Gentlemen

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Jackmate / Soulphiction

Michel Baumann started at an early age to produce mixtapes and play jams for the local HipHop Scene in the mid 80s.

While working for a local record shop in the early 90s he also fell deeply in love with the House-productions coming mainly from Chicago at that time. Since the mid-90s he also started his own productions and playing live to an audience worldwide.

His label Philpot-Records counts as one of the most respected House-labels since his opening in 2000.  Philpot has supported and debuted a huge amount of now well-known producers like Bruno Pronsato, 2652, Break SL, Arttu, Tim Toh..a.o.