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Hashback Hashish

Minimalist Techno Experimental DJ/ Producer with a sense of humor and varied quirks.
Hashback Hashish is the stage name of Ashish Sachan, an incredibly creative and persistently innovative DJ/ Producer, based in Delhi, India. Beginning by experimenting with the fascinating music scene in Perth regularly, he was quickly getting recognized because of his distinct sound at Rise. Upon his arrival home, his in-arguably superior taste in music mated with his creative streak – the lovechild of which is Hashback Hashish.

In each one of HH’s projects, be it the tightly-themed and executed Audio Visual Daft Punk, Deadmau5 & LCD Soundsystem Tributes or the proper techno gigs at venues like Blue Frog (DEL, MUM), Rise (Australia), TLR Café (DEL), and Gulmarg Winter Festival and Woods Talk Festival, etc. his constant drive to create something unique shows clearly through.

Apart from performing DJ and Audio Visual (with VJ ThatGirl) sets across India, he recently released his debut album ‘The Grinning, Naked Bunch’ independently to rave reviews by NME India, Wild City, Indiecision (NH7), TimeOut Mumbai, and more.

While focusing on his primary act Hashback Hashish, he has also collaborated with various artists from across the globe.