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Haroun Omar

You can always tell when Afghanistan’s Haroun Omar is on the decks. The sound radiating from the speakers is an alluring blend of emotionally driven depth, rounded out perfectly with a club vibe. He may tease and seduce the crowd with his deep, euphoric grooves, progressively work in harder sounds; then, when the crowd and the music become one, moving as one entity, he takes them into innovative places they never anticipated. That is why Haroun Omar is so sought after: he knows how to mesmerize a crowd, taking them on a journey into new territory each time. That’s what comes with confidence and, just as importantly experience.

With an impressive array of solo productions and worldwide collaborations, Haroun has just begun to leave his footprint in this new wave of quality, underground dance music. His 2012 release Pan’s Labyrinth was featured on the Beatport Deep House releases page and subsequently became the top-selling release on the Carica Deep label. Later the same year, his Moonwaves EP broke the top 100 Progressive House Releases Chart on Beatport. His tracks enjoy the support of legends such as Marcus Schulz, 16 Bit Lolitas, and Airwave, to name a few. With upcoming productions on several record labels and support from big names and music lovers alike, Haroun continues to push the boundaries of creativity with every consecutive release.