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diFfuSed beats is a duo comprising of Konrad Bayer (Munich) and Ish Shehrawat (Delhi) as they engage with sound and visuals with both philosophical and de-constructive aesthetics. Their works are synthesized out of sounds, noises and field recordings and moving images that were recorded in various locations around the world. They are also performing their material over 6-8 speakers(channels, when available) to give a spatial performance, here the audience is surrounded by speakers as they are usually are seated in the middle to give them an immersive experience of their sounds and music.

diFfuSed beats use a lot of electronic synthesis along with the filed recordings and visuals; where by re-arranging, re-contextualizing, re-constructing and re-interpreting the sonic material an acoustic topography of the places along with the hidden spaces that constitute the subjective observant self emerges. They try to engage with sound as a philosophical and social reverberant and not just as an aesthetic object. Both sound and electronic music are the main elements in their works and as they pursue it with an expressionist angle in order to reflect on the times we live in.