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diF – diffused beats

diF are Ish Shehrawat (Delhi) and Konrad Bayer (Munich).

The main focus of diF’s work is the sound of everyday‘s urban life.

diF tries to engage with sound as a philosophical and social reverberant and not just as an aesthetic object. Sound is the main element in our work and we try to use it with an expressionist angle to reflect on the times we live in. As the omnipresent nature of sound involves us in a continuous engagement with the objective world our music connects us to the subjective self and the sonic universe that surrounds us. It is via these two perceptions that we try to weave together a sound sculpture using field recordings and musical composition one suggesting and leading to the other.

In their sound works unconventional material like car horns and construction sounds are used to compose tracks that in some ways represent the urban utopia / dystopia. Some of our work is inspired by the tradition of experimental, acoustic urban ethnography, started by Walter Ruttmann. But we try to bring this tradition into our times: the „real“ city (i.e. Berlin for Ruttmann) has dissapeared for the sake of a new imagined city. Here recordings sum up to something which is completely different from the sum of its parts. Urban places and non-places turn into one huge resonance chamber.

Their compositional works have been released under ‘sound reasons records’ .