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LABEL // Crunchtime Worldwide, Hydra Japan, DETOUR ASIA

CITY // Kuala Lumpur

RELATED PROJECT // Al Haca/ Stereotyp

// Cee

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Cee: jungle dweller, producer, jet-setter, sound designer, DJ, booking agent, Red Bull Music Academy affiliate, and all around maverick. Over the years, spotted sharing stages with Missy Elliot, Modeselektor, DJ Vadim … Currently based in the heart of the jungle, right outside of the Berembun rainforest, in Malaysia. His latest project is called Bass Sekolah: the sonic equivalent of the taste of reddened, ripe mangos dripping with thick, syrupy tang – that! cut with a hint of spicy lime-orange. The project features multi instrumentalist-crooner Darren Ashley, and the two of them are on a mission to make honest, soulful, forward thinking Electronica. The duo are currently working on their debut LP and you will be hearing more from them soon.

If you’re about to see this brother play live, expect something soulful, deep, layered, bass heavy, dub inflected, eclectic – expect to be massaged by warm low ends, startled, and surprised.


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