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BLOT is an acronym for the Basic Love of Things, A multidisciplinary project helmed by Gaurav Malaker and Avinash Kumar and supported by a network of artists, BLOT focus on creating atypical clubland experiences. Avinash Kumar is a designer, visual artist and VJ, and a founding member of Quicksand Studio. Gaurav Malaker is a DJ, producer and a founding member of Qilla Records.

They blend sound and music, while manipulating their performance spaces to expand the frontiers of electronica performances. Visually BLOT employ traditional filmmaking techniques as well as stop-motion animation and motion graphics, and the duo’ s diversity is as apparent in their music as it is in their visuals.

As India’ s original and leading audiovisual collective, BLOT curated the experimental stage at Sunburn Festival in Goa (2010 & 2011) and further afield, have performed at legendary venues like Tresor and Bar25 (Berlin) several times, as well as at Geneva’ s Electron Festival (2011), Berlin Music Week (2010), Champagnerama in Berlin (2010), London’s South Bank Centre (2010) and at Nuits Sonores in Lyon (2009).

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