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LABEL // CityCentre Offices, Pingipung

CITY // Hamburg - Germany

RELATED PROJECT // Fello/ Springintgut

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Andi Otto

Andi Otto is a composer and performer of electronic music from Hamburg, Germany. He has released three Electronica records as Springintgut on international labels and performs live with a combination of cello, computer and sensors which he calls Fello. The Fello development has been supported by STEIM in Amsterdam, a studio and research institute dedicated to the instrumental in electronic live music. Andi Otto currently writes his PhD on the history of STEIM’s electronic musical instruments since 1969. In autumn 2011 he received the Villa Kamogawa scholarship from the Goethe Institut in Kyoto, Japan and tours internationally, often as duo with a DJ.

Andi Otto composes music for theatre, dance, film, and radioplays. He has written scores for several silent movies which he performs live together with Jan Drees on guitars. Besides that, Andi Otto teaches at the department of Music and Media Art at the HKB Bern, Switzerland.

Since 2002 Andi Otto co-runs the Pingipung Label for Electronica music. He is one half of the DJ Team called Pingipung Soundsystem.