Border Movement is a platform that aims to encourage interaction between the electronic music scenes of South Asia and Germany.Based in Berlin, we hope to raise awareness by providing content and discourse on artists, labels, trends, developments, clubs, festivals, house parties, free parties, jam sessions, happenings, exhibitions, installations, screenings,concerts, demonstrations/protests, releases, projects, players, promotors, creators, movers, shakers and innovators in both regions.

We are a common initiative of the Goethe-Institutes in South Asia and a project realised in an alliance with partners.

We see ourselves as a cultural catalyst.

Our aim is to initiate and support a dialogue between the scenes and thus bringing South Asian artists closer to German audiences and vice versa.

We generate content by engaging both established and grassroots writers, bloggers, artists and players from both regions.

bordermovement.com is always on the search for fresh photographers, writers, VJ’s, DJ’s, musicians, producers, promoters, innovators –

Please get in touch if you would like to be involved!

For further infos on bordermovement.com please contact us directly:

General Enquiries/Getting Involved/FanMail : info@bordermovement.com
Press/Marketing: press@bordermovement.com
Music/News/Event Listings: music@bordermovement.com
For all advertising related enquiries please contact press@bordermovement.com

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