Interview: Rahul Ranganath of Bicycle Days + Unreleased Demo from Upcoming Album

We recently sat down (hypothetically – in reality this interview was telephonic) with formerly collegiate psychonaut Rahul Ranganath of the Bicycle Days. Rahul teaches music, all grown up now, raised seemingly underground – the band disappeared directly after their first recording made people sit up and take notice.


NEWS - 14. January 2013   CITY - Bangalore ARTIST - Bicycle Days

End-of-the-year-list: Sri Lankan artists to watch out for in 2013

In our previous features, we documented the gradual rise of the Sri Lankan dance music underground, tapped into the country’s resurgence, mirrored at the landmark Pettah Interchange and unearthed the best of its first wave of electronic music producers.
Both a recap and a look-ahead, let this list be a primer to the shape of things to come, rather than a be-all and end-all of proceedings.


NEWS - 11. January 2013  

End-Of-The-Year-List: Bangladeshi artists to watch out for in 2013

Last year would be bookmarked in the history of the electronic music in Bangladesh and particularly Dhaka as the scene integrated to create a platform together. From the novice first time bed-room producers to DJs with years of experience and everyone in the middle got together for the single cause, to make themselves heard locally and internationally.


NEWS - 08. January 2013  

End-Of-The-Year-List: Indian artists to watch out for in 2013

Lay down the incredulity you reserve for the undeserving on end-of-year lists.
This isn’t that round-up. We’re not looking back or patting backs.
In 2013, we’re looking to widen roads for artists on the cusp.


NEWS - 04. January 2013  

The Rise of electronic music in Kolkata: Part Two

In Kolkata the concept of electronic music is polysemous. With the growing visibility of genre ‘electronica’ we’ve had a generation of musicians from the school of rock beginning to integrate this idea with their own. It started out by inviting a DJ to jam and moved onto sampling and synthesis gear brought in by one of the musicians. There were a few that had listened to the music evolve over the last decade but their approach was varied too. Some played house numbers with their five piece band, while others gigged in a sea of wires and gear pushing music into abstract expressionism.


NEWS - 02. January 2013   CITY - Kolkata ARTIST - Shadowblink

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