Interview: Tollcrane


It’s usually not that hard to pin an artist’s sound down anymore, mostly because with the Internet and piracy, anyone anywhere can be influenced by anyone anywhere – it’s not outrageous to listen to a producer from Nepal churn out off-kilter, off-time beats a la Flying Lotus, or even find an upstart beatsmith nick and steal from some other upstart beatsmith. There’s confluence and congruence everywhere, and it’s fairly easy to pin down sounds and scenes and inspiration.


NEWS - 23. August 2014   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - Toll Crane

The Akaliko Compilation – Nyurutsu


Nyururtsu is the title of the latest compilation by Akaliko Records an offshoot of the Dhaka Electronica Scene (DES) spearheaded by Khan Mohammed Faisal. The landscape of electronic music in Dhaka has seen a remarkable transformation since DES came into being. It is undoubtedly, because of a few hard working people who’ve taken a vision and done everything in their power to make it tangible and real. Nyurutsu represents DES’s evolution and much more.


NEWS - 19. August 2014   CITY - Dhaka ARTIST - Dhaka Electronica Scene

Until We Last Release Debut EP ‘Earthgazing’


A few years ago, in conversation with drummer Steve Turncrantz (of Russian Circles fame), I learnt the futility of the term post-rock. Maybe the genre, baptized arguably by American explorers Slint circa the early 90s, had cast its last legion of influencers— you know kids with oversized hoodies and torn jeans, all flipping off the mainstream and swearing by their ‘cumulative timbres’ and ‘cinematic flourish’.


NEWS - 16. August 2014   CITY - Bangalore ARTIST - Until We Last

Pettah Interchange III: Rio Cinema


By now, this story has already been told. But let’s tell it again: Over the years, many gatekeepers have turned me away. But intimidation had never really struck until I was straddling the infamous fences of the Berghain. It was early 2007, Marcel Dettmann had just put out MDR 1 (a bat-out-of-hell 12”), sparking a small heatwave across Europe with his cyclonic DJ sets. From its wanna-be-startin’-somethin’ title to Thor-like kickdrum, “Let’s Do It” perfectly encapsulated that spirit (“1 part kick drum,to 1 part earthquake”). It was music that encased raw power like a bomb, held together by a seething cord. Ready to indulge, I slowly crept up to the old powerplant door. Sven (the gatekeeper) stared me down from the darkness, burning a hole through the guts of my soul. I am not entirely sure what he saw, whether it was fear or steel-eyed resolve. I got in.


NEWS - 12. August 2014   CITY - Colombo

Jambutek: More Than Just A Label


Label head honcho and BangBang co-founder, Asvajit recently launched a fresh imprint ‘Jambutek’ in an effort to take the growing number of Sri Lankan electronic musicians under his wing. Currently the only electronic music label in Sri Lanka, JambuTek places focus on pushing out deeper and more alternative sounds. The label showcases, broadly put, an alternative to music that falls under the widely used term “EDM” that is quickly flooding the realms of popular culture. Jambutek represents an alternative to this movement, a niche scene within Sri Lanka that is deeply engrossed in the fine lines between house, techno and dub.


NEWS - 10. August 2014   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - Asvajit

Cross Border Pollination – How Rajasthani Folk Is Going Places

In Residence - Rajasthani Performers

It isn’t difficult to spot the characteristically colourful Rajasthani folk musician with his exquisite yet peculiar set of instruments and attire. He represents a culture that dates back centuries but has only started to receive global attention now.


NEWS - 05. August 2014  

Pettah Interchange is back!


South Asia’s answer to legendary E-werk or Bunker in Berlin? Well as a one-off at least :

For the third consecutive year running Border Movement and the Goethe Institut Colombo are throwing a party at a temporary location in Pettah, the old historical quarter of the Sri Lankan capital.


NEWS - 01. August 2014   CITY - Colombo

The Rise Of Electronic Music In Dhaka Part III – The Live Scene, The Problems & The Possibilities


The SoundLab workshop in October last year was followed by a completely sold out 3lectronica: Übersonik event at the German club – breathing fresh life to the non-existent live electronic scene in Dhaka. I have already ranted about the sorry state of commercial hotel parties and how bad they are for any kind of scene with pricy drinks and an elitist attitude. Music should be for everyone. The response to this was introducing the ‘Room’ event series showcasing DES producers performing for the first time in front of an audience.


NEWS - 28. July 2014   CITY - Dhaka ARTIST - Dhaka Electronica Scene

Sound Central, Skateistan & Afghan Election Anthem


A Discussion With Travis Beard

You’d be forgiven for thinking, on cursory introduction, that the Australian Travis Beard is simply a photojournalist – that, after all, is how he’s bound to introduce himself.

Although he initially began his journey into Afghanistan as one, however, this job description only scrapes at the tip of his relationship with the country. Beard, who has been a constant fixture (in one form or another) of the erstwhile expat-driven alternative scene of Kabul, has also previously written about his experiences hosting Sound Central, the first rock music festival in the country for BorderMovement.


NEWS - 13. July 2014   CITY - Kabul

PIX Pakistan – Call For Photo Submissions


After a powerful exhibition at Max Mueller Bhavan in New Delhi earlier this year, photography quarterly PIX is back with another call for submissions. The PIX team has chosen yet another expansive but relevant theme for the forthcoming special issue on Pakistan: ‘Surge – Deluge, Growth, Outbreak, Rupturewill aim to explore within the realms of photographic arts the changing paradigms and structures of a country that is undergoing a tumultuous process of transformation.


NEWS - 07. July 2014   CITY - Karachi

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