Colombo: Musicmatters Festival 12-14 August 2016


Colombo is soon to play host to Musicmatters Festival 2016, an annual showcase, now in its fifth year, of contemporary non-mainstream, experimental music, to be held from August 12-14, featuring local and international musicians. While commercial music tends to find its way to audiences through generous exposure on radio and television, more leftfield sounds have always seemed to survive through the dedicated efforts of a select few, and Musicmatters is one such endeavour.


NEWS - 14. July 2016   CITY - Colombo

Translations: An Ocean Of New Sounds


Akaliko Records’ latest release ‘Translations’ is a journey for me. The playlist is a smorgasbord of sounds that tell stories that range from forays into space, dives into infinite depths and contemplations of the inner self. Composed of artists new and seasoned, ‘Translations’ is not flavored with the usual electronica fusion elements.


NEWS - 05. July 2016   CITY - Dhaka ARTIST - Dhaka Electronica Scene

Reflections: KʌLʌ’s Musical Journey In Berlin


Earlier this year we were proud to announce the launch of a new residency initiative: BMR. Over the course of 2016 – BMR will host 3 South Asian artists in Berlin for 2 months and see a Berlin based artist take part in a bespoke residency program in South Asia.


NEWS - 30. June 2016   CITY - Berlin ARTIST - KʌLʌ Project - BMR Berlin#1 2016

The Rise Of Electronic Music in Dhaka & Beyond

DES-Masterclass-at-The-Wave550DES Masterclass at The Wave

True Bedroom Revolution

Since the formation of Dhaka Electronica Scene almost 4 years ago, the community has grown exponentially meeting all of its original as well as extended goals.


NEWS - 21. June 2016  

Dinelka Liyanage: Music Has No Race, It Takes No Sides


“Ever since I was born, I was told about war. Sometimes, my mother feared for my safety and didn’t want me to step out. Bombs would go off at odd hours. And, people were always scared. It was a terrible war. Some lost their parents. Some lost their children. Artists never performed outdoors or indoors back then. Moreover, the government refused to approve permits for big festivals. However, there were a few musicians who continued to make music despite the war. They spoke to us through art and perhaps that’s why we are able to do what we do today. There are many who gave up owing to lack of opportunities. But I hope to continue making music till I die,” explains Dinelka Liyanage, a Colombo-based experimental musician who crafts extraordinary aural experiences through minimal and ambient sounds.


NEWS - 13. June 2016   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - Dinelka

Announcing The Second Successful Candidate For BMR: Berlin 2016


The second round of BMR: Berlin saw more than double the amount of applications received from around the region from countries including India, Iran, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.


NEWS - 09. June 2016   CITY - Berlin ARTIST - Dinelka

‘The Jungle Never Shuts Up’: SoundLab, Urban Spree & Kala’s Musical Theatre


Berlin is a cold and grey city, Ujjwal Agarwal, who performs as Kala, tells me. But countering that supposed gloom is the vibrant arts scene and the overall spirit. He’s vegetarian, and he’s taken a particular liking to the falafel there. Agarwal also talks about this one particular girl whom he’s bumped into a couple of times. She spends her time delivering jolly high-fives to random guys (mostly belonging to the minority). “She is like my motif of the culture here, I guess,” he says. “There is a vibe of just default respect that is very cool to witness, something that’s missing in India a lot.”


NEWS - 02. June 2016   CITY - Berlin

In Pictures: Lahore Music Meet 2016

CFamed-precussionist-and-Coke-Studio-alum,-Sikander-Mufti-laying-down-the-beat-at-his-percussion-workshop-on-Day-1Famed percussionist and Coke Studio alum, Sikander Mufti, laying down the beat at his percussion workshop on Day 1

Little known fact – April is festival season in Pakistan. Despite the premature onset of summer, making an otherwise pleasant April a muggy affair, the month issues its call every year for revellers to descend upon their festival of choice whether in Islamabad (Face Music Mela), Lahore (Lahore Music Meet) or Karachi (Creative Karachi Festival).


NEWS - 16. May 2016   CITY - Lahore ARTIST - Toll Crane

Karachi Files: Celebrating The Spirit Of Collaboration & Cultural Diversity


It sounds idyllic; straight out of a book, even. Or maybe a reality TV show. Last year, in May, around a dozen musicians from different parts of the world found themselves holed up in a house in Karachi — a regular house, in a not particularly fancy area.


NEWS - 09. May 2016   CITY - Berlin ARTIST - Gebrüder Teichmann Project - Sound Camp Karachi 2015

3 Pointers From RBMA Bass Camp, Dubai


If you’ve had the chance to attend a Red Bull Music Academy lecture, you know you’re going to come away with something worthwhile from those 45 minutes. At the recently held RBMA Bass Camp in Dubai, a beta version of the annual Academy, I was witness to some interesting lectures, workshops and a bunch of sessions at the Hai D3 in Dubai, a contemporary urban setting in a newer part of the concrete jungle.


NEWS - 02. May 2016   ARTIST - Big City Harmonics

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