The Evolution of Bang Bang


The energy in the air was infectious. Off the main street, tucked away in a small lane in the beautiful city of Colombo, the club (Colombo One) was gearing up for the night’s party. Massive soundsystems and quirky art décor are elements the Bang Bang crew introduce with exquisite flavour to their events. Known for their successful all night underground parties, they’re a crew made up of artists, promoters and musicians. Bang Bang has been responsible for bringing global underground sounds to Sri Lanka for the last few years actively pushing the boundaries.


NEWS - 30. March 2015   CITY - Colombo ARTIST - Bang Bang

6LA8 (Part 2): Making A Connection Through Music And Art


What we are trying to achieve is, well, just to make some good music that helps us vent out feelings that are too primitive or maybe too complex to put in words. There are a lot of real world problems that we occasionally have to face, and music helps us pass through them and look at things with different perspectives,” said Pakistan-based musicians Taimur Mazhar Sheikh and Omer Asim, the brains behind the experimental project 6LA8.


NEWS - 26. March 2015   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - 6LA8

6LA8 (Part 1): An Attempt To Condense And Convey…


Society is nothing but a long established change. And, any massive change can become socially relevant. Art (in a broader spectrum) has that potential to inspire, ignite and accelerate any massive changes, just as long as there is a ‘realised’ connection to it. We believe art is a great catalyst in humanity’s search for meaning in general. But a catalyst works only if it is placed in the desired environment with the necessary ingredients,” said Taimur Mazhar Sheikh and Omer Asim from Pakistan who formed their experimental project 6LA8 post branching out from the avant-garde outfit Aus Rine.


NEWS - 13. March 2015   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - 6LA8

Sound Lab Mumbai Takes Electronic Music To New Audiences

Sound Lab Mumbai from BorderMovement on Vimeo.

produced by Sourya Sen and Naman Saraiya

While the Sound Lab in Mumbai technically kicked off on Saturday February 7 and stayed quite low key through most of the weekend, it was the following week that really saw the project truly come into fruition. Until February 13, visitors of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, an annual multi-cultural offering in the heart of South Mumbai got to witness an experimental, unrehearsed workshop on electronic music production akin to the inner workings of a studio. 


NEWS - 06. March 2015   CITY - Mumbai

Sound Lab Mumbai: Sound Sythesis For The Masses


A little over two weeks ago in Mumbai in India, a group of musicians from India, Sri Lanka and Germany participated in a one week workshop that including a daily analogue x digital jam session.  As part of the Kala Ghoda Festival (a free arts festival that takes place in South Mumbai and attracts visitors from all over the city as well as passers-by) , the Galerie Max-Mueller was transformed into a public rehearsal space and music production studio where the audience could witness the process of track making, live spontaneous sound synthesis and collaboration in real time.


NEWS - 02. March 2015   CITY - Mumbai

Being Analogue In A Digital World

Being_Analog_in_a_digital_world_V3 (different first picture) (1)

In the 21st century, electronic music and the technology that comes with it has advanced in leaps and bounds. The advent of various commercially available digital audio workstations (DAWs), software synths, emulators and other virtual studio technologies (VSTs) have now transformed the way music is made. Bringing the capabilities of music production right down to the producers bedroom has made it affordable and accessible to the normal (curious) Joe. Of course, some purists would argue that digital music production sounds mechanical and computer controlled compared to using analogue machines and hardware. Analogue machines impart a feeling of warmth and originality to the sounds themselves .


NEWS - 27. February 2015   CITY - Mumbai ARTIST - Aqua Dominatrix

One Cover At A Time: Female Artists Shape The Image Of Karachi’s Electronica Movement

Asma Javeri cover for Dynoman's 'Travel to Janaicha'

A lone child clutches a stuffed toy as azure waters lap his feet. A solitary isle in the distance welcomes you to Janaicah as clouds roll over this scene of tropical whim.

The Orient abounds as dragons and mandarin symbols float across a building, an aged gramophone providing the score.

Goddesses share music and the cosmos as fish make waves in a stellar ocean.

These landscapes, these reveries, these flights of fancy. All represent artistic musings either as cover or album art that are putting a ‘face’ to the somewhat camera-shy musicians of the Pakistani electronic music scene, selling albums (hopefully), creating their own mythos and whipping a storm across the Internet.


NEWS - 20. February 2015   CITY - Karachi ARTIST - Forever South

Folktronica at Jatratronica


Electronica is still a relatively new concept in Dhaka, though it needs to be said that names such as Bonobo, Jon Hopkins, Nicolas Jaar and Deadmau5 are common among many young producers and their listeners. Though these producers have developed their own unique signature styles in their music, it is still a difficult task to package the genre in a way that will appeal to the majority of audiences in Dhaka. This is where the Jatra platform comes in.


NEWS - 18. February 2015   CITY - Dhaka ARTIST - Perera Elsewhere

Karachi: The Commune Artist Colony

picture 1 (of the wall art from Karachi Bound event) photo courtesy Humayun MOf the wall art from Karachi Bound event (photo courtesy Humayun M)

Karachi, like any other metropolis, is constantly hustling and bustling with life and sound. Daily routines are often exhausting leaving very little time for leisure, yet people find ways to enjoy the bittersweet city life. When it comes to entertainment and freedom of expression, there are a few avenues. The Commune Artist Colony is one of those rare spots in Karachi where people can unwind and be themselves.


NEWS - 11. February 2015   CITY - Karachi



Details have been announced for the next edition of Sound Lab set to take place in Mumbai from 7-13 February at Gallery MMB. This chapter will also feature a very exciting performance by Berlin outfit, Perera Elsewhere.

An initiative of the Goethe Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai, Sound Lab is an intensive workshop of analog and digital music production that aims to connect contemporary musicians from South Asia and Germany. The workshop is curated and co-hosted by Border Movement, and this edition will feature six selected participants who will work together at a provisional studio set up at Gallery MMB.


NEWS - 02. February 2015   CITY - Mumbai

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