Yomari Sessions: Nepal’s Sweet Audio-Visual Offering

Manda2 Image: Manda

With its music culture undergoing a creative resurgence, Nepal has a new beacon which plans to shed light onto some of the more laudable acts of its growing independent music scene. Named after a delicacy of Nepal’s Newar community, ‘Yomari Sessions‘ is an online video series of live intimate performances shot with the intention to showcase the profusion of fresh talent.


NEWS - 17. August 2017  

Dameer Khan: The 16 Year Old Producer Who Makes Sunshine Filled Music

aDAMEER-1-credit-IFTEKHHAR-MAHBUB-PRUTIKImage credit: Iftekhhar Mahbub Prutik

Our hectic lives sometimes feel like they are designed to wear us down and make us despondent, so when someone comes along who is overwhelmingly positive it makes a big impression.

Introducing 16-year-old Dameer Khan, whose cheerful tracks are sure to get your feet tapping in the very near future.


NEWS - 03. August 2017   CITY - Dhaka ARTIST - Dameer Khan

Dakta Dub Talks About His Journey Building Sound Systems, Working With Local Communities & His Love For Reggae


It’s a cloudy day and the Hyderabad University Campus with its lush green surroundings looks idyllic for an evening stroll. Bala Subramanyam Swayampakula aka Dakta Dub is heading for his weekly radio session ‘Musical Journey with Balu’ at Bol Hyderabad 90.4 fm, the local campus community radio. A weekly show that features music ranging from dub, reggae, Indian electronica, world music and more.


NEWS - 27. July 2017   ARTIST - Dakta Dub

Listen To Alien Panda Jury’s Live Set In Munich At Favorit Bar


BMR Berlin artist Alien Panda Jury recently played a live set in Munich at Favorit Bar, a small and intimate venue known for its dedicated crowd who seek out experimental music.


NEWS - 11. July 2017  

Conflict Left No One Behind: Mir Gazzanfar


Kab tak ghutey humara dum
Kab tak palkein rahenge num
Abhi bhi kaanon main ghoonjey
Selaab kaa jo shor tha
Ek Qehar kya kam tha
Jo ab intezaar hai ik aur ka…


NEWS - 29. June 2017   ARTIST - essXaar

Unboxing The Future: A Nosedive Into The Vision Of India’s First Online Community Radio

aBoxout.fm-co-founder-Sahej-Bakshi-(left)-and-curator-DJ-MoCity---Photo-credit---Zacharie-RabehiImage credit: Zacharie Rabehi

“I remember the day Mo told me about his idea to start an online community radio. We couldn’t stop thinking or talking about it. At that point, we knew that there was no turning back” Sahej Bakshi.


NEWS - 19. June 2017   CITY - New Delhi ARTIST - DJ MoCity

Announcing: Winners Of BMR South Asia 2017

IMG_20170610_164554551Image credit: Daniel Arthur Panjwaneey

A two way exchange, the Border Movement Residency (BMR) program creates unique opportunities for South Asian producers to engage with the music community in Berlin (BMR Berlin); while also offering Berlin based artists a platform to interact with musicians in South Asia (BMR South Asia).


NEWS - 15. June 2017   CITY - Berlin Project - Border Movement Residency

These People Deserve To Be Heard. The World Needs To Know Them: Zubair Magray


“If war occurs for a short period of time, it’s a tragedy. If it continues over and over again, it turns into your reality. It’s what defines you, what gives meaning to your life. Over the years, Kashmiris have witnessed so much tragedy that they are becoming a part of it. Here, arrests, disappearances, torture, encounter and protests are all a common occurrence. And, they affect your economy, your education, and your way of life. Everyone wants Kashmir but no one is willing to go there. No one wants to live there,” says Zubair Magray, a rap artiste from Kashmir. Under his moniker Haze Kay, the musician has been instrumental in crafting socially-conscious narratives within the contemporary rap spectrum brewing in Kashmir.


NEWS - 13. June 2017   ARTIST - Haze Kay

Behind The Scenes With Lahore Music Meet Founders Natasha & Zahra


In pursuing this article I was promised golden Labradors. A pair.

This offering, from Natasha Noorani, was made in the advent of a missed deadline, that if Ms Noorani failed to deliver her two cents on the Lahore Music Meet photos we had sent her by end of work, she would freely offer her pooches, puppy dog eyes salving our bruised punctuality.


NEWS - 02. June 2017   CITY - Lahore

Three Artists & A Residency: A Cultural Storm In Berlin

aCred_FarahGherda Image credit: Farah Gherda

45 days to go

Sanaya Ardeshir is freaking out. There’s been some mix up with her visa to the UK, just a day before she’s supposed to leave. She’s slated to open for the mighty Bonobo in Manchester on 4 July but, given this last-minute flub, she’ll have to come back to India, apply for a new visa, and then go back for the gig. After that, she heads over to Berlin for a couple of months. That last bit is for the Border Movement Residency (BMR), for which Sandunes (the name Ardeshir performs under) has been selected, along with FILM — the producer Sanil Sudan, from New Delhi — and Alien Panda Jury (or Daniel Arthur Panjwaneey, from Karachi).


NEWS - 25. May 2017   Project - Border Movement Residency

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