3 Pointers From RBMA Bass Camp, Dubai


If you’ve had the chance to attend a Red Bull Music Academy lecture, you know you’re going to come away with something worthwhile from those 45 minutes. At the recently held RBMA Bass Camp in Dubai, a beta version of the annual Academy, I was witness to some interesting lectures, workshops and a bunch of sessions at the Hai D3 in Dubai, a contemporary urban setting in a newer part of the concrete jungle.


NEWS - 02. May 2016   ARTIST - Big City Harmonics

Hardline, Hardline After Hardline: The Manifesto Of Pakistani Hip-Hop

AdilOmar1 Adil Omar

In 2012, the Pakistan Telecom Authority blocked YouTube in response to an anti-Islamic film called Innocence of Muslims that had been posted on the video-sharing website. Since 2008, the PTA has thrice banned YouTube due to the presence of content that it considers blasphemous, only allowing YouTube to (officially) start functioning once they launched a local version of the service in January 2016. Only a fraction of Pakistan’s 199 million plus population protested.


NEWS - 25. April 2016  

The Broken Lines & Half Circles Of Kala’s Musical Vision

KALA-2-550x309Image credit: Kala

Functioning right alongside the grand theatre of Kala’s music is a clever sense of restraint. Sprightly, intermittent bursts of machismo are almost instantly undercut by minimalist textural movement within the music.


NEWS - 19. April 2016   ARTIST - KʌLʌ Project - Border Movement Residency

Finding Music In Chennai…

IENaezy performing at the IndiEarth XChange2015 – image credit: IndiEarth.

About thirty years ago, you’d find only two types of music in Chennai: Carnatic, or film. But thirty years is a long, long time, and the city has changed. You’re just as likely to find a metal head as a carnatic vocalist, a slide guitarist as a veena player and a world music aficionado as an ARR fan.


NEWS - 13. April 2016  

Two Brand Names And The Word Indie: The Mixed Media Rebellion Is Real


”The term indie is a brand now” – Aakash Bhatia, Story-Tellers.in

I was there when India’s creative industry caught fire. They put two brand names before the word indie and sounded the alarm. Colloquial artists swallowed what they spat — burnt tongues from fanning stock hues and dogma. They were shackled and presented before the jury: these ravenous voyeurs in their mid twenties, these ageing businessmen in straight jackets; they devoured content from the corner of their eyes and reduced three all-nighters at the desktop to a sales pitch.


NEWS - 07. April 2016  

Call For Applications: BMR Berlin #2


BMR is an artist residency program in partnership with Goethe-Institut, Wild City, Ableton and Musicboard Berlin. It will bring together artists from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Nepal, the Maldives and Germany in a series of unique tailor-made residencies to introduce artists and producers into new music cultures.


NEWS - 30. March 2016   CITY - Berlin

Announcing The First Successful Applicant For BMR: Berlin 2016…


We were overwhelmed with the number of applications received from around the region for the first edition of BMR: Berlin. A residency program with a difference that will cater to the individual needs of artists using the wealth of experience and contacts by their hosts in Berlin.


NEWS - 29. March 2016   CITY - Berlin ARTIST - KʌLʌ Project - BMR Berlin#1 2016

Bangalore: German Psychedelic Rock Icons Colour Haze Set To Headline Indie March Music Festival


If you Google Colour Haze you’ll find options to buy their music, chords for nearly all of their songs and one reoccurring press image of them standing on the stairs of a subway station. There are hardly any articles, interviews or reviews. But in the ones you find (beginning on Google page 5) it is clear that they are regarded as legends and “leading lights of the European stoner rock scene”.


NEWS - 18. March 2016   CITY - Bangalore ARTIST - Colour Haze

Haroun: Art Renews His Faith In Mankind…


“Kabul’s identity is fragmented; its attitude has always been a mix of conservatism and liberal ideas, with the younger generation promoting the latter. As an Afghan working at the Kabul airport rightly put it, Afghanistan is sweet, salty, bitter, and spicy all at once. While the younger demographic was extremely receptive to musical experimentation and improvisation; the religious demographic was against music and actively worked to subdue public musical performances for they viewed them as ‘bad influence’. I spent a couple of years in Kabul and experienced some incredible emotions there – from DJing at music festivals, lounges and after-parties to being in close proximity of insurgent attacks and everything in between,” said Haroun Omar, who has been consciously working towards nurturing an influential movement globally with respect to electronic music.


NEWS - 09. March 2016   CITY - Kabul ARTIST - Haroun Omar

Bangalore: Goethe Presents IDM Workshop Part III With Orson Wells


As part of the Over&Out Festival taking place 11-13 March – Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore are presenting an interactive session on music production and DJing using turnatables with German DJ Orson Wells. The workshop will take place on 11 March at Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore and will be hosted by Pawas.


NEWS - 08. March 2016   CITY - Bangalore ARTIST - Pawas Gupta

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